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Portuguese - Brazil
Hi, guys. I was on periscope earlier and the person I was watching was "driving home". But, to my surprise, when I asked her: do you usually drive home (from work)? And she kind of didn't understand what I ment. She asked: What do you mean? If I drive from work?

I wanted to know if I said something that is not idiomatic, and for that reason she didn't understand upfront.
Also, she was from Missouri, Kansas City.
Thanks, Bruno
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    She will always drive home, from the mall, the grocery store, her place of work, a restaurant, her mother's house, the lumberyard, etc. So I can see her confusion, especially if she wasn't, at that moment, driving home from work.


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    If you ask "do you usually drive home from work?, that is perfect. If you just ask "do you usually drive home", that would be confusing.
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