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I need the translation of the phrase "Drive on the left" in the concept of a road sign to warn foreigners to drive on this side of the road.
I suppose the wording of the phrase is not the same as the spoken style of the language, and it's really important that the translation is suitable for road signs.
an explanation of the grammar behind the translation is welcome but not necessary.
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    Hello Δημήτρη,

    My translation would be:

    Burada trafik soldan akmaktadır.

    (Lit. Here the traffic is flowing on the left.)

    I could have translated "Drive on the left", but then there is the risk that the driver interprets as if s/he is supposed to drive on the left-most lane of the road.
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    Well you can omit the here. So it becomes: Trafik soldan akmaktadır. (Traffic flows on the left). Three words should fit in a road sign, I reckon.

    The shorter but less clear ways to say it are:

    Soldan Gidiniz. (Misinterpretable as: Go on the left-lane [high-speed lane].)
    Gidişler soldan. (Litterally: Goings are on the left. This is probably clear, but it's spoken language. So, on a road sign it might look awkward.)

    I would go with Trafik soldan akmaktadır. It's super-clear; a little long, though, I admit.


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    In English you would say "Keep left" in order to ask people to use the leftmost lane. "Drive on left" explains the trafic flow being on the lefthand side. So if you need to translate "Keep left" as well I would say something like "Sol şeritten gidiniz." or ""Sol şeridi kullanınız." (~literal "Drive on the left lane", "Use left lane")
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