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    I can't answer because have never seen it in Egypt, maybe I need to go more often! Egyptians opt for delivery more than drive-thru, I guess we're not the same car-culture!
    In the purest sense of course:
    الخدمة داخل السيارة


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    Perhaps: خدمة الطلب من السيارة?
    or معاملات من السيارة? since it requires transactions between a driver and a restaurant worker.​


    Thank you all , really appreciate your help!

    In U S A they have this service every where such as pharmacy , restaurant , bank etc... It is exactly a service while you are in the car .But I asked if there is a specific Arabic term for that ..



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    There are a very limited number in the UAE and frankly I've never really seen anyone use them. I don't really remember what the sign says, it was something like الخدمة في السيارة; I'll keep alert to the next one I see. However, I would like to suggest something like: خدمة التوصيل للسيارة, basing it on خدمة التوصيل للمنازل.
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