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It's a documentary about some crime in America.
A girl has been killed.
Investigator goes to the house of her boyfriend.
There, he finds the driver license of the girl.
He asks the boyfriend about it and goes on explaining,
"He (her boyfriend) told me about them going to a movie and holding her driver license for her, because that’s the only
thing that she brought was just her ID and he stuck it in his pocket and he gave me her license."

To say the least, I am confused by this sentence.
What cinema got to do with driver license, ID or whatever?
I don't understand why he had to hold her license by this sentence.
Could you shed some light?

Thank you
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    Assuming it's the investigator talking, he's telling us that the couple went to the cinema. The girl was carrying nothing but her licence (I'm guessing as ID to show her age in order to see an adult classified film), and she had given it to her boyfriend to carry in his pocket.


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    I don't understand why he had to hold her license by this sentence.
    I suppose she was wearing an outfit with no pockets and she didn't want to bring her purse. Why she brought her license with her is speculation. She might have wanted it "just because". ;)


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    I agree with both Myridon and heypresto. If she wore a dress or a skirt and a blouse, or tights and a blouse there would be no pockets. If she did not want to carry her purse, then she might hand off the license to the boyfriend. On a date, she would not need any money. << --- off-topic comment deleted --- >>
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