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English (U. K.)
droits de conducteur

example : his driver privilege was valid from 1st June 2020 - il avait le droit de conduire depuis le 1er juin 2020 / ses droits de conducteur étaient valables depuis le 1er juin 2020
  • Hi, Arthur1, and thank you for your comment :)

    I can't currently add this translation as this term doesn't exist on the English side.
    I'll ask them whether they want to add it @DrD

    Thank you for your message. I had never heard this term before, but it seems to be a US specific thing, and it's actually an alternative to a driving licence for undocumented migrants. I think this is probably rather too specific for our dictionaries. However, if you can provide evidence it is more widely used, I will gladly consider it.
    I've never heard of it, for what it's worth. Naturally, I supposed it to be BE at first glance. 😏
    Thanks. I sort of assumed the same, given the OP has UK English as her native language, but I'd never heard it either!