Driver Vs Motivator


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Hi, business context.

What could the main differente between the "drivers" and "motivators".

I "drivers" sono elementi che spingano ad un determinato obiettivo, a fare una determinata cosa.

Ma, anche "motivators" dice la stessa cosa.

Il mio testo è : The are many examples of how companies are being affected by CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) drivers and motivators.

Questo testo è stato estratto da un articolo specialistico in management.

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    They can have a large overlap in meaning and sense.

    The overall "sense" is that a "driver" is more forceful, while a motivator is something that will often make a person feel good about the work they are doing.

    I wonder if the words "impegno" and "motivazione" have similar differences...?


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    Or if I may...

    You are going home after work. You are hungry. You get into your car and drive home.
    The car is what is, in this case literally, acting as a driver to get you to your destination and the thought of supper, waiting for you, is the motivator.

    I hope this makes sense for you!