drivetrain hump

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Hi there,

What is a drivetrain hump?

I looked up drivetrain and found it means:
"a system in a motor vehicle connecting the transmission to the driving axles"

Still, I'm not clear what the drivetrain hump is in a car. I did find one google result that says,
"Does anyone have the third seat that mounts over the drivetrain hump between the rear seats?"
If this is a hump on the floor, how can you mount a third seat there??

Here's from Steve Martin's novel An Object of Beauty:
"Lacey angled the picture into the backseat of a taxi, its corner sticking into her knees because of the drivetrain hump on the floor."

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    If a vehicle is rear-wheel drive and the engine is in the front, some space, e.g. a tunnel, must be provided for the mechanism providing torque to the rear axle. This results in a longitudinal (front-to-rear) "hump" inside the vehicle.
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