Driving intuitively

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What does the adverb " intuitively " mean in this context?

To the eye, cars have not evolved in as big a way as dolphins. But internally, in the same way as dolphins have transformed themselves in order to be able to swim better, cars have also greatly evolved. Let’s look at Nissan’s new chassis control, which allows you to drive smoothly, intuitively, and comfortably.

029 Smooth Driving, Like a Dolphin

I think it means without involvement of your mind, but I'm not sure.
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    Its usual meaning fits. It means that it lets you know what to do instinctively, without deliberate thought. (Perhaps an exaggerated statement but that's what it means.)

    By the way, in this:
    checked it's meaning
    a common mistake - it should be "its" (without the apostrophe).
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