drizzle ran in streaks


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It was warm in the strange plastic bubble and she took off her sweater. Outside, drizzle ran in streaks down the tunnel, clouding the polythene so that she had no sense of the outside world.
Source: Cold Earth
Context: Jane Hay is in the polytunnel at their Gilsetter croft in Ravenswick. She is an horticulturist.
drizzle ran in streaks means it was raining heavily and the heavy rain formed rivulets down the polythene tunnel, right? is the collocation in streaks a set expression?

polythene is the most common plastic.

Thank you.
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    rivulets down the polythene tunnel
    And it's running in streaks down the outside of the tunnel, not the inside, following the curve of the plastic film.

    "down the polythene tunnel" is the exact same wording you could use if someone was walking along the tunnel on the inside. "He was walking down the polythene tunnel."

    It's a different down with a different meaning.
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