Drochia (syllabification)


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Hello. I'd like to ask if the vowel sequence ia in Drochia are a diphthong or just two separate vowels in different syllables. It is the name of a district in Moldova.
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    When dividing the name Drochia into syllables (or even the way it is pronounced), it will take this form (spoken): Dro-chi-ia however the written form is Dro-chi-a (see section 4 here).

    danielstan has explained already the rule for the hiatus of two vowels.

    If you search this forum, at some point in time a similar question was answered with explanations about the tendency to avoid the hiatus by adding another vowel to form a diftong (see here, section 2.1.8, #2).

    Side note : The district Drochia is in the Republic of Moldova.