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This is a false friend.

Drogaria in PT (at least European) is not a drugstore. This is a store where you buy hardware products, specialized cleaning products (and other chemicals). Not sure if there's a name for it in English.
  • Maybe a hardware store (American English)? A hardware store would have things like—

    - Tools
    - Certain building materials
    - Industrial cleaners and chemicals (paint thinner, lubricants, solvents, etc. plus basics, like bleach and ammonia)
    - Paint
    - Sometimes gardening paraphernalia
    Thanks for this interesting report. It appears that drogaria does indeed denote one kind of establishment in Brazil and a different kind in Portugal. Neither of them is exactly "pharmacy, chemist shop", though the Brazilian drogaria comes much closer; see this short entry from the Portuguese wikipedia:
    Drogaria – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
    At the moment I can't quite come up with the right terms in English for either kind of shop, so I'm going to consult some colleagues. "Hardware store" doesn't really do justice to those heterogeneous Portuguese drogarias, since they are primarily about chemical products for household use.
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    Update: I asked two translator friends what "drogaria" represents for them in their native countries. The Portuguese answer was:
    "backdoor pharmacy that sells detergent and moth balls".
    The Brazilian: "just a normal pharmacy but "farmacia" is a little more common".

    In conclusion, we need to create two different senses of this Portuguese lexeme, so I'm going to forward the report to my colleague on the Portuguese side. I still don't know the correct English term for "backdoor pharmacy that sells detergent and moth balls" but I won't rest till I find it.