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    Nordkoreas neuer Machthaber Kim Jong Un hat sich entschieden: Mit dem neuerlichen Atomtest zeigt er, dass er seine Drohpolitik gegenüber den USA fortsetzen will. Source

    How does one translate Drohpolitik from German to English? threatening policy?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. manfy Senior Member

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    I'd go with 'politics of threat'
    i.e. "With the recent nuclear test he shows that he intends to continue his politics of threat towards the USA."

    However, I'm not a native speaker and I have never run across that term in English.
    The translation looks good to me but you better wait for a native speaker to see if it is idiomatic.
  3. bh7 Senior Member

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    Canada; English
    I agree with manfy but would use plural: politics of threats. Or also: politics of intimidation, menacing politics, etc.
  4. manfy Senior Member

    German - Austria
    Indeed, in plural it sounds a whole lot better. Thanks, bh7!

    Politics of intimidation sounds good, too, and it is a well-known term. But we have a direct equivalent for that in German: Einschüchterungspolitik
    And somehow in German, Einschüchterungspolitik and Drohpolitik feel quite different and I wouldn't use them interchangeably. But I can't quite put the finger on it why this is so...

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