droopy / downward - slanting eyelid [word?]


I'm talking about eyes. Droopy means the eyelid is weak and falling down then cover part of our eye (correct me if I'm wrong)

What I need is the word that indicate the state of eyes that slant downward.
Or to be more accurate, the corner of eyes is kind of dropping so this makes you eyes tilt.
It means you will look sad all the time because of that

Note that this isn't pathological state. It's just another different type of eyes position.

Which word can I use? I think it's the antonym of slant eye.
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    I don't think we have any one word that means "eyes that slant downward", elletequila. I've heard and read "slant-eyed" and "sloe-eyed" before, but I think those compounds are falling out of favor as more people actively object to terms and phrases they consider bigoted or offensive.

    I think you'll have to settle for a phrase like "eyes that slant downward" if you need to express that idea.
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    I think the fashion magazines talk about downturned eyes (and upturned eyes for the opposite).

    Here's a page from Full Exposure on how to apply make-up for downturned eyes.

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    Depending on the context you could just use 'sad-eyed', it is quite widely used although unlikely to be in the dictionary.