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what does "drop a travel column off " mean in the sentence: She is dropping a travel column off with Bitzi Baxter and thought she'd stop by for dinner.?

Does it mean "go to travel" or" pause her travel plan for a while"?

Thanks very much!
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    Please give some context and background. What is her relationshop with Bitzi? What is the text about? What's the source?


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    To drop something off in the sentence you provide means to stop by a place and leave something. So substitute "travel column" (as @se16teddy suggests, probably an article about travel that she has written) for the "something" in that phrase and you get the phrase in your example.

    Worth noting: Sometimes the word order is different in this phrase, especially if the "something" is a specific thing, and not just "something". So you could just as easily say "She is dropping off a travel column with Bitzi..." (Which may actually make the meaning easier to understand for a non-native speaker...)
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