drop crumbs <into /on> the keyboard


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Hello. I wish to express this sentiment: "I try not to eat around the computer because I don't want to drop crumbs into the keyboard"

First, should I say "into" or "on"?
Second, is "crumbs" the right word? This sentence, as it is currently, sounds like I eat only bread (crumbs come from bread), however the fact is I eat all kinds of food.

Please correct my sentence,thanks.
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    Anything crumbly can create crumbs: not only bread, but cake, cookies, biscuits, and erasers. I like "crumbs" in your sentence, and I don't think it would invite people to say, "Well, if you ate melon, it wouldn't drop crumbs." But if you want to be more comprehensive, you could say "food bits."

    Either "into" or "on" would be correct. "Into" conveys the point that the real problem is not a bit of food on top of the keyboard, from where it could easily be brushed off, but a bit of food that works its way down below the keys.


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    I know what you mean; my crumbs always get between and under the keys if I'm not careful and have to be blown out with a gas duster. But you're talking about the keyboard as a unit (not something with an interior), so I'd say "onto [or on] the keyboard".
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