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Context: What is the name in French for a drop-in centre. In this context it is referring to a community organisation that receives and welcome homeless youth from off the streets. The drop-in centre provides a few hours of shelter for the street youth as well as different activities in which they can engage.

English: The drop-in centre is open from 7am - 12pm.
français : Le centre d'accueil est ouvert de 7 h à 12 h

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    I would add "urgence", to make clear that it is for short stays, and that you do not need to anticipate staying there.

    "Centre d'accueil d'urgence" ou "Point d'accueil d'urgence" is what I have seen being used in France.

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    There's nothing urgent about a drop-in centre.

    Drop-in reflects the fact that you can visit casually, without an appointment, sit down, have a chat and a cup of tea or coffee, read a magazine, etc. It applies to any building open (on these terms) for young people, the elderly, groups at risk or even (say) tourists or tired shoppers.
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