Drown her out


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Hi, guys.
This is from an article of 'Men's health'.

Drown her out.
But if she’s maligning you, counteract it.
Stephen Garcia, Ph.D., an expert in the psychology of competition, found that an opinion repeated by one person on three occasions can become as
widespread as one stated by three people.

So go spread compliments about yourself!
I think that 'down her out' means to make her your side or something similar by the context.
I tried to search for the usage of 'down out' in google and dictionaries. But I couldn't.
So I'm wondering this expression is normal among natives.
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    I can't see any connection between "Drown her out" and what follows. Is this "Drown her out" the headline of an article? Who does "her" refer to? Does "....." represent a blank space in the article, or omitted text? "Drown her out" would make sense in certain contexts, but we can't yet tell if this is one of them.


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    'To drown something out' means to swamp it or overwhelm it. It is usually applied to noise:
    'We tried to talk, but our words were drowned out by the music'.

    In this case, the meaning is:
    'If she is saying bad things about you to other people, drown her opinion out by going around and making a lot of good statements about yourself'.
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