Drowsy or chesty?

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When I ask for a cough syrup in the UK, I am usually asked back something that I can decipher as "Drowsy or Chesty", if I remember well.
I understand that they ask me if I want a drousy syrup to sedate a dry cough or a chesty syrup to help expel the mucus from my lungs (sorry for being graphic on account of my poor English vocabulary :) ).
Do I understand correctly here? I still have problems in understanding everyday English so I may just misunderstand here.

To geolocalize my question, this usually happens in the North-West and in the West Midlands.

Thank you very much :).
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    I am a little puzzled. Maybe because I live further south.

    Some cough syrups cause drowsiness. These varieties are not recommended for anyone who is planning to drive or operate heavy machinery. The best time to take them is at night. The drowsiness helps you to fall asleep.

    There are plenty of online articles describing the different sorts of cough and what to take for them, e.g.
    Thank you Biffo, and sorry for being lazy not having done enough research on my own.
    In the meantime I found some instances on Google Images for drowsy syrup, but not for chesty syrup, though I have found instances for chesty cough syrup.
    But what I was mainly interested in was the more idiomatic question you can expect to hear at the chemist's in this case.
    Sorry if the question was not well asked :)
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