drugs cadet

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I'm reading The Departed Screenplay by William Monahan. In a scene description it says:
COLIN, reading a paper (Boston Herald) which may or may not have the headline, CASE DROPPED
AGAINST DRUGS CADET (featuring a picture of Billy), looks up as SGT. DIGNAM comes in.

I don't know what drugs cadet mean here. Can you help me?
  • Myridon

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    Headlines are often shortened extremely particularly when there has already been a lot of news on a topic. I imagine it measn "cadet involved in that drug scandal that you already know about." (You wouldn't care if the case were dropped if you'd never heard of it to begin with.)


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    Is Billy in a military youth corps? Is he a cadet? That would be a typical older style American headline that is very condensed. "Drugs cadet' would mean "cadet accused of possessing drugs."
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