drunk as a skunk

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    In Spain I've often heard the following expressions apart from the one suggested by Ushuaia:

    - Estar/Ir ciego
    - Ir chuzo
    - Ir mama'o (this one is very informal)


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    This loses it's meaning in Spanish because it doesn't rhyme in Spanish as it does in English!!!!! I seriously doubt it's even a cliched saying in Spanish.


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    Yes, it is!!! Maybe not a "cliched saying" but a very well known one, specially in Andalusia. And yes, it doesn't rhyme but it's funny (for us).
    Voy (muy) ciego/borracho/pedo.
    Voy más pedo que Alfredo. Voy más ciego que una cuba. Llevo una mona encima que no me la aguanto. Voy más borracho que una mierda.
    Obviamente una mierda nunca se pone borracha pero imagino que es como to be shitfaced. Nadie tiene la cara de mierda no?
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