dry cleaner ?

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    "Dry" is indeed an adjective. "Drycleaner" is not a compound word. It is two words - dry cleaner.


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    "dry cleaner" has a set meaning (something like a business that cleans clothes but is not a laundry).

    It is not simply a "cleaner" that is dry" and there is no comparable phrase "wet cleaner" in general use.

    "cleaner" (or "cleaners") by itself could refer to the shop/business as above, or to a machine, or to an individual person, or even to the chemical substance used to do some cleaning.

    I took my stained suit to the dry cleaners ready for Martha's wedding.

    This cleaner is broken; I'll take it for repair.

    Peter works as a cleaner at Manhattan Chase.

    We need to buy some more floor cleaner; this bottle is almost empty.
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