Dry-down notes (perfumery)

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  1. oui translate Senior Member

    Spanish - France

    Does anyone know the term DRY DOWN NOTES in spanish? It is a perfumery term.
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  2. Sherlockat

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    Castilian (Patagonian)
    What is the context so as not to guess?

    In my Internet appearsby
    This term from the world of perfumery describes the last stage in the evolution of a fragrance. After the top notes have faded (usually 30 minutes to an hour after application), the middle and base notes remain to mingle, forming the body of the scent. After that, it's the drydown, or the endnotes of the fragrance, that stick around on your skin.Source: http://www.englishforums.com/English/WhatDifferenceBetweenQuitePretty-RatherFairly/cvnmv/post.htm
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    Spanish, México
    Yo sé que es muy tarde, pero...

    Top notes: Notas de salida
    Heart notes: Notas corazón (supongo que esto es el Dry Down)
    Base notes: Notas de fondo

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