'dry-heat' method of cooking.


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Here is a passage:
What Is Sauteing?
Sauteing is a dry-heat method of cooking that involves cooking the food over a very high temperature using just a little tiny bit of fat. Saute in French means "to jump" or toss, or something like that - the idea is that stuff is flying around.
What does the words in red mean?
Thanks in advance!!
  • Thomas Tompion

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    They mean that there is no water used, just a little bit of fat.

    Incidentally, I think this is a case where the borrowing from French preserves the e acute, é, to indicate the different pronunciation.

    Thus, I would put sautéing, rather than sauteing.


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    I suspect what's confusing you is the use of "dry" when clearly the heat is being supplied via fat, a substance which is liquid, and therefore in a sense "wet" even though it isn't water. You haven't identified your source, but I'll bet you're looking at cooking instructions on some dubious "how-to" website written by people who are expert neither at English nor at cooking.:(

    Toasting and baking are dry-heat methods, frying is not, and sautéing is basically a variety of frying.

    london calling

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    Actually, sautéing is a dry-heat cooking method (see this : source 'culinaryarts.about.com') as are both pan frying and stir frying, which also use a small amount of fat (see this : source 'creekstonefarms.org'),;)

    In the meantime you might find this page from Wikipedia about sautéing interesting/useful.:)
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