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    In an article about some cooking method
    how to express such phrase
    Pistachios ¼ cup (dry roasted lightly). Almonds:1 cup (dry roasted lightly)
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mahaodeh Senior Member

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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'dry roasted' and how different it is from simply 'roasted'. However, for things like this (we call them مكسرات) we would use مُحمّر which literally means: to make red (by roasting or frying).

    You can translate it as:
    ربع كوب فستق محمّر قليلا. لوز محمّر قليلا
    However, up to my knowledge, we don't roast these things inside the oven, usually we do that on top of the stove and quite commonly using a very little bit of vegetable oil. If you mean by 'dry roasted' doing that but without using oil you could say:
    ربع كوب فستق محمّر قليلا بدون زيت. لوز محمّر قليلا بدون زيت
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    Yes, it means بدون زيت, but I would use مُحَمَّص for "roasted."
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    :thumbsup: Thanks, I was looking for that word in my head but just couldn't remember it.

    I haven't cooked for ages :p

    محمر is more for roasting in the oven, mostly meat and pastry, sometimes vegetables.

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