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    Hola a todos.

    Estoy traduciendo la apostilla de una partida de nacimiento del estado de Florida y tengo dudas sobre mi interpretación de "dsde":

    DSDE 99 (2/12)
    (esto aparece al final del documento y sin otro contexto)

    Mi opción es "Department of State, Division of Elections (Formulario del Departamento de Estado, División de elecciones), pero la verdad no estoy seguro porque no encuentro el acronym que haga referencia a esto en ningún lado salvo en otro foro.

    Les agradecería sus sugerencias.
  2. Tochka Senior Member

    "Department of State," makes sense, but "Division of Elections" doesn't sound quite right. (Of course, I'm not from Florida. ;))*
    I see the same initials used in the form "DS-DE" here in discussing apostilles (with respect to the division of corporations), but I don't see what "DE" refers to.
    They do give a contact number, perhaps someone there could say.
    "The Notary Section of the Governor's Legal Office is responsible for educating and assisting notaries throughout the State of Florida and is located in Room 209 of the Capitol Building. The telephone number is (850) 922-6400. "
    *Edit: My puzzlement was as to why the Division of Elections would create a form for the apostille.
    It is normal that the State of Florida's own Department of State would be handling the the affixation of apostilles. This function is usually handled in the US by the particular state's own department of state (not our federal Department of State). What surprised me is that the agency charged with overseeing elections would be the one to create a form for the apostille.
    Still, it is unlikely the Florida Department of State would have two agencies creating forms under the same acronym. Therefore, if the division of elections is part of the department of state in Florida and if DSDE is the same as DS-DE, then if DS-DE = Department of State, Division of Elections, then it would seem one must conclude the "Division of Elections" is the agency that created the apostille document labeled DSDE 99 (2/12), however unlikely that may seem to non-Floridians.;) (This site confirms that the acronym DS-DE is used for the forms relating to elections.) Of course, it may be that DSDE is missing the hyphen precisely because it refers to a different division within the department of state....:confused:
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  3. David

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    In Florida, the Division of Elections is a division of the Dept. of State. In each US State, there is a Dept. of State headed by a Secretary of State. These are very l)different in function from the Federal (naciona) Dept. of State. (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores)

    The designation DS-DE 999 would be Formulario 999, División Electoral del Depto. de Estado.
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    Castellano, Argentina
    ¡¡Muchas gracias Tochka y David!! very useful your explanations!!!
    Thanks again!!
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    This formulation usually appears by the signature of an offiicial, and often the image of the state seal.
    The current Secretary, Ken Detzner, began serving as Florida’s Secretary of State (for the second time in his career) in February 2012. That accounts for the 2/12. As stated, the Division of Elections falls under his responsibility.

    Be careful not to duplicate your threads in different forums.
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    Hi, I know is too late for giving my opinion but I hope it could be useful though...

    "DS-DE 99" is the Form ID Number, yes, DS-DE stands for "Department of State - Division of Elections"; "(2/12)" is a date, maybe the approval date, in this case, February/2012.

    You can check this information in the Florida Division of Elections' webpage: http://election.dos.state.fl.us/forms/index.shtml .It is interesting, though, that this form does not appear in said webpage, but you can get a pretty clear idea checking it.

  7. David

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    2/12 (Feb 2012) is simply the date this version of form DSDE-99 was issued. We do make simple things complicated sometimes.

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