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Hi all,

If someone is both TESL-certified and TEFL-certified (note: TESL and TEFL are English teaching qualifications), and they want to use the word "dual" to avoid saying "certified" twice, should they say:

dual TESL/TEFL-certified teacher
dually TESL/TEFL-certified teacher

Many thanks! :)
  • entangledbank

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    English - South-East England
    I don't like 'dually' in such things and would prefer 'dual-certified'. I think reversing the word order to TESL/TEFL dual-certified teacher would be all right.


    Modwoman in the attic
    English - United States
    If it sounds like that to you, then why not say “I am a TESL- and TEFL-certified teacher” or “I hold TESL and TEFL teaching certifications?“

    I agree that the use of “dual” or “dually” is unnecessary. I also find it confusing, as somehow trying to indicate that you have received each certification twice.
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