dually noted / duly noted

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  1. ((Vibe)) New Member

    English, US
    I often see people use the phrase "dually noted."

    I was under the impression that that was incorrect and that it was "duly noted."

    Is that the case or are both of them acknowledged/accepted idioms?
  2. buddingtranslator

    buddingtranslator Senior Member

    English, England
    Hi Vibe,

    You're correct, the true spelling is "duly noted".

  3. GiggLiden

    GiggLiden Senior Member

    "Duly noted" IS the correct term. Anything else is just slipshod thinking or sloppy speaking. (It was noted in a manner that was due, NOT .. twice.)

    In the same way that "nucular energy" is wrong, or "The Specific Ocean," "it's bad judgement" or "consensus of opinion" or "baited breath." The list is endless.

    :) :)
  4. Knd New Member

    España, español
    Hello! ok, is duly noted instead of dually noted but what does it mean????
    Can anyone please explain me??:)
  5. Pliscapoivre

    Pliscapoivre Senior Member

    English, US
    Hi, it means "point taken," o sea, "I understand and will remember what you've said." It can have an undertone of disagreement, like "I will take into account what you've said, but I feel differently."

    I hope this helps.
  6. 2questionable New Member

    USA american english
    Can I not use "dually noted" if I want to make the point that I've noted your reply, twice? For instance, "You should never get married!" and I would say, "Dually noted!"
  7. Lagartija

    Lagartija Senior Member

    Western Massachusetts
    English, USA

    If you were told once, and you said, "duly noted", and then that person said the same thing five minutes later, you could say "dually noted" and it would be a play on words. That is, you would be telling the person that you are duly noting what they are telling you for the second time in a rather playful way.
    Pliscapoivre said that it could have a tone of disagreement, but I have used the phrase often without any nuance of disagreement intended.
  8. Claytonb New Member

    The correct phrase is Duelly Noted.
    To make note of something whilst simultaneously engaging in a duel of some sort.
  9. thusspakebenji New Member

    duly noted clatonb, we've already established that. engaging in a duel? really? cmon.

    You use it properly if something is inherent in the message, for example:

    Obvious Guy:"You're going to hell"
    Obvious Guy:"Where it's hot"
    You: "Duly noted"
  10. GiggLiden

    GiggLiden Senior Member

    Duly noted simply means ... it is due to be noticed. The time has come to notice it.
  11. SinSei New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Duly noted simply means; correctly or appropriately recorded
  12. suzilow New Member

    I'm with Claytonb, duly noting his dual notation of the fact that something duelly noted is expressed in the form of sword fighting--preferably swashbuckling, dagobar or stage fighting. Since I'm 2.5 years late weighing into this conversation, I'm guessing nobody's listening but that's okay. It needed to be said.
  13. MrMoto Senior Member

    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada, English
    Duly means either: 1. in an appropriate manner, or 2. at the expected time.

    Under normal circumstances, duly noted uses the first of these definitions. In other words, it means "properly noted":tick:. It does not mean "it is due to be noticed":cross:.
  14. Pliscapoivre

    Pliscapoivre Senior Member

    English, US
    Yes. Sorry to tread on the creativity of some here, but "dually" or "duelly" could only be used as a play on words by a native or very advanced speaker. The correct phrase is "duly noted".
  15. jholden New Member

    English - U.S.
    ...because non-native speakers aren't allowed to make jokes!
  16. chileno

    chileno Senior Member

    Las Vegas, Nv. USA
    Castellano - Chile
    When I read the title of the thread, the first thing I thought was that both were OK, but they mean different. :)
  17. EddieZumac

    EddieZumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Para "duly noted", en español, se diría "recibido y entendido".
  18. davicalo

    davicalo New Member

    'Duly noted' equivaldría a 'tomo nota'.
  19. kriptoN

    kriptoN New Member

    "Duly noted" muchas veces se utiliza como "recibido y anotado". Durante una estancia en la escuela de artes escenicas se utilizaba muchas veces esta expresión cuando recogíamos información de los alumnos extranjeros.
    La verdad que es una expresión algo desconocida, pero se utiliza muchísimo en la lengua anglosajona.
  20. OtroLencho Senior Member

    English - Western US
    Para materia prima de los chistes, por estos lares "dually" se refiere a una camioneta con cuatro ruedas en el eje trasero :

  21. chileno

    chileno Senior Member

    Las Vegas, Nv. USA
    Castellano - Chile
    dual --> dually
  22. OtroLencho Senior Member

    English - Western US
    Yes, that is the derivation. So if you paid attention to the above picture, you duly noted the dually. :rolleyes:
  23. chileno

    chileno Senior Member

    Las Vegas, Nv. USA
    Castellano - Chile
    I know, just wanted to be a bit graphic. :rolleyes:

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