duck out of water

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  1. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    A woman walks in King's Road, in London where she feels uncomfortable, out of place, and the expression "like a duck out of water" comes into his mind. She says when she was here she knew fully what it means. Everyone else was so young and looked so free.

    Why does she know fully what it means ?

    I know the expression "he took to it like a duck to water : c'était comme s'il avait fait ça toute sa vie". (Robert/Collins)

    But here "like a duck out of water". Je recherche une expression française équivalente.
  2. palmtree19 Member

    Canada, English
    could it be: déplacée ??
  3. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    (comme un poisson hors de l'eau?)
  4. dewsy Senior Member

    England, english

    It sounds like a mix-up. Normally the expression is 'like a fish out of water' - comme une poisson hors de l'eau.
  5. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    Yes, dewsy, but I wonder if "duck" here is not a pun or something.
    I must insist context does not say more.
  6. dewsy Senior Member

    England, english
    Ok, maybe I've got it - everybody is so young.

    In England, a pejorative term for a woman of a certain age is 'an old duck'. Everybody is so young and carefree that she feels old and out of place.
  7. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    Bravo, dewsy
    "un vieux poisson hors de l'eau"…

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