due to reduction

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Is use of "reduction" in the following sentence correct grammatically and conceptually? If it is not , kindly suggest ways to make it clearer.

It could be due to reduction of separation at the blade tip and therefore reduction of the interaction between tip leakage flow and suction surface of the blade at high flow coefficient.
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    It's correct grammatically. As to "conceptually" (I suppose you are referring to its appropriateness), you need a subject matter expert to comment.


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    It is confusing. It is one long sentence with many nouns, and only one meaningless verb ("be"). The nouns are: It, reduction, separation, blade tip, reduction, interaction, tip leakage flow, suction surface, blade, flow coefficient.

    The sentence tells me that something unknown ("it") is "due to" some combination of all these nouns. My suggestion is adding some verbs (cause, create, result in), turning some nouns into verbs (reduction, separation, etc.) and breaking this into more than one simpler sentence.
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