Due to register vs due to be registered


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We are looking for an ambitious, self-motivated and committed Pharmacy Technician who is

either already registered with the GPhC or due to register imminently to join our current team
NHS Jobs - Pharmacy Technician Higher Level (XR05)

Shouldn't it be "due to be registered" in "due to register imminently...." ? Please explain why the passive "due to be registered" is incorrect in the given context
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    No: the active voice is correct there: the process of registration (presumably) involves the person submitting an application "to register" with the GPhC.

    In the first part of the sentence, the phrase "already registered" uses the past participle as an adjective.


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    I thought "due to" is used when we mean "because of" and as a preposition it needs a noun, pronoun or noun type structures.
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