Duelo anticipado

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    In a Spanish (Spain) medical report about a patient with lymphoma:

    Recomendaciones al alta:
    Continuar con medicación ansiolítica y otras si precisa. Pendiente de acudir a consulta externa, según cita. Se reservan plaquetas para el próximo día [xxxxxx] por si precisa transfusión de las mismas, por cifras bajas.
    Duelo anticipado ([fecha])

    I am at a loss -- this doesn't seem related to either mourning or duels. Any ideas much appreciated!
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    Hi sjoyc:

    I'm also confused about that phrase; it could be typo, is that a printed or handwritten report?, is there something else after "duelo anticipado"?
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    Hi Fsabroso,
    Thank you for replying!
    The document is typed so it may well be a typo. The phrase "duelo anticipado" is the end of the section; the next section is "Medicación administrada en el hospital el día del alta", followed by the section "Cura de heridas."
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    I am also surprised because the phrase has no sense for me.
    In Spanish, "duelo anticipado" means "anticipate griev".
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    Thank you to everyone for your suggestions!
    EricEnfermero, I think you hit the nail on the head. There are earlier references to depression in the report.

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