D'une fête païenne à aujourd'hui


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Bonjour à tous,
comment puis-je traduire ceci: D'une fête paienne à aujourd'hui.
Il ne s'agit de la construction de la phrase qui me pose problème, je ne vois pas comment le détourner en anglais.
  • Uncle Bob

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    C'est ça mais "holiday" serait mieux que "celebration" et peut-être il faut remplacer "today" par "the present".


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    US English
    "From its origins as a pagan festival, X has become the holiday* we know today."? A bit wordy, perhaps.
    If this is the title of an article (etc.), maybe "From a pagan festival to today's holiday".
    *As Uncle Bob says.


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    Another suggestion: "From pagan times to the present*" (avoiding the 'holiday/festival/clelebration' vocabulary question)?
    *Again, as Uncle Bob wrote in #4.


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    Like what cansert had said, the most direct translation would be "From a pagan holiday to today."

    But if it is talking about how the holiday itself has evolved, to be more specific, maybe you could say: "From a pagan holiday to what it is today" I'm not really super enthusiastic about that, though.

    (And I agree, knowing if this was a headline would help because I'd write that slightly differently)
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