d'une part - d'autre part (juridique)

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  1. oliviafrance Senior Member

    Bonjour à tous/Hi everyone.. !
    En objet ma question : sur un contrat lorsque l'on inclu les 2 signataires et que les mentions "Société X, d'une part, Société Y, d'autre part" vous le traduisez comment ?
    - on one hand / on the other hand
    - on the one part / on the other part
    Merci à tous
  2. wonderful Senior Member

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    The company, .....
    Party of the first part,

    ..... (other company)

    Party of the second part,

  3. Iona Senior Member

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    Hello .I wonder if anyone knows how 'd'un part ,d'autre part' would translate into English on a legal contract referring to the two parties mentioned on the document.
    Many thanks.Iona
  4. edwingill Senior Member

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    Could you please provide the whole sentence
  5. Iona Senior Member

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    Hello again -The contract starts with a title ,the subject then the following in bold .I undersand the 'between the undersigned' part but what does the d'une part and d'autre part translate as ? Has anyone any ideas? Many thanks -Iona:)
    Entre les soussignés

    Madame X
    D’une part,​


    Madame Y

    D’autre part
  6. sylvie38

    sylvie38 Senior Member

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    Bonsoir, je propose :

  7. Iona Senior Member

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    Hello again . Thans for your help .I am not sure that 'on the one hand' is appropriate on a legal contract ,.
  8. sylvie38

    sylvie38 Senior Member

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    I saw many times this expression in employment contract for example but I'm not a specialist and you may be right :)
  9. Suehil

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    I think that in legal documents they use 'for the vendor' and 'for the purchaser' (or whatever the two parties are) before the signatures.
  10. Geordie_Wilber

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    I don't know how current the usage is, but "Party of the First Part" and "Party of the Second Part" are well known "legalese" - there's even a website of that name dedicated to explaining legalese...
  11. kmayna22

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    hello I am reopening this thread because I still have questions! :) I still don't know what do use for "d'une part" and "d'autre part" here:

    Ci-après dénommée « la Ville »,
    d’une part, ET :
    Monsieur ********, New York, NYC 10007,
    Ci-après dénommé «l’artiste » d’autre part,

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