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  1. Little Morada Senior Member

    Hi all,

    See context below:

    Dati del fondo:
    -Inizio collocamento 01/06/2000
    -Durata del fondo indeterminata
    -Patrimonio netto[...] 000,00

    The above table is taken from a Prospectus (document that companies have to publish before issuing new shares to the public), specifically from the section that provides detailed information about the funds where it is possible to invest assets.

    Is there a specific way of translating "durata del fondo"? Can I simply translate it with "Fund's duration"?

    Thanks for your help
  2. baldpate

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    I have seen "Winding-up date" used for investment funds, which may have either an unlimited life, or may be of pre-determined, fixed duration.

    "Winding-up date : none" ( = unlimited duration fund)
    "Winding-up date : 31/05/2009" ( = fund to be wound-up after 9 years time)
  3. Little Morada Senior Member

    Hi Baldpate,

    Thanks for you quick answer:)

    I have seen somewhere that winding-up means liquidazione of a fund, which actually takes place when the fund is "closed" (or "expires").

    Therefore, your suggestion sounds correct to me.

    Talk to you soon

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