during my "Baccalaureate/Bachelor's" studies

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Which sentence is correct, and what's the difference?

  • Courses I took during my Baccalaureate studies inspired me to...
  • Courses I took during my Bachelor's studies inspired me to...
  • Hermione Golightly

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    You have not given any context. We need to know what studies you are referring to. Is it a university course or end of school studies taken at 18 or 19?


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    Both your sentences are correct, but neither is colloquial in American English. What you have termed "Baccalaureate/Bachelor's studies" is referred to as "undergraduate studies" in AE.

    Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    'Baccalaureate' is not correct as this is an exam taken at the end of secondary school studies that qualifies for university entrance in France. I think 'undergraduate studies' is fine for BE speaking readers too.


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    Yes, there is also the 'International Baccalaureate' (taken in some English-speaking contexts including the UK) which is an exam taken by pupils before entry to university. Using the term for undergraduate studies would therefore be very confusing.

    I agree with cyberpedant that 'Bachelor's studies' is unidiomatic. 'Undergraduate studies' or even 'Bachelor's degree' work better.
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