During my stint as a language assistant

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Hi all,
How would I say "I have certainly developed this skill not just during my stint as a language assistant but also through numerous experiences prior to this time."
My suggestion - J'ai indubitablement développé cette compétence non seulement pendant mon travail en tant qu'assistante mais aussi par de nombreuses expériences avant cette date."
I know this doesn't sound very good, so I really would welcome your suggestions.
Thanks in advance :)
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    Thank you Lacuzon :)
    Maybe "certainement" instead?
    Does the sentence sound authentically French? It's really important that I get it just right.


    There is an idea of having performed a duty in the word "stint."
    A period of national military service is validly a stint.
    I did my stinti of national service.
    J'ai satisfait à mon obligation de service militaire.
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