During the election debate, John faced the accusation with


what's the metaphor in this senetence 'During the election debate, John faced the accusation with amazing sang-froid.'? Is it sang-froid? and how to describe it?
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    I get this feeling we are doing your homework for you. However, this question is pretty darn hard. Hint: Sang froid is French. Look up what each word means in French. And the look up what it means in English and in French dictionaries. This is a French word widely used in English which will also be in English dictionaries.


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    Indeed Paul, but huojing's assignment is to find the metaphor which can be done only by looking up the original French definition of each of the two component words.

    I'm not giving any more hint than that and I hope no one else will.


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    And this forum is English only. There is another forum for French definitions.

    "Sang-froid" has definitions in English dictionaries, along with many other words and phrases that were once "only" French. I think this is the right forum to understand how such words/phrases are used in English today. :D
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