During the examination phase, I rarely see my friends; but otherwise not much has changed


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Hi, i need help with these two sentences. In the bracket is what is wrong...

1. During the examination phase (grammar - wrong form), I rarely see my friends; but (word not needed) otherwise, not much has changed.

Why is phase wrong? It is a noun and I thought nouns can not be a grammatically wrong...
And why is "but" not needed. Where is the difference between but otherwise and only otherwise?
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Thanks for your help :)
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    Welcome to the forum.

    In sentence 1, you have chosen the wrong expression with "examination phase", but it is not a grammatical error.
    "Otherwise" is a conjunction and doesn't need another conjunction like "but" or "only".

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    Can I say test phase in the first sentence or is that wrong too? Or better: ...in the exam procedure?
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    It is "phase" that is wrong, and it is not a "procedure" -> During the examination period.../When the examinations are on.../At examination time...
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