Dushman (duşman)

Discussion in 'Română (Romanian)' started by Aoyama, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    My spelling (aural) of this word is probably wrong.
    Can somebody please confirm that this word (which means something like "scoundrel") is of Turkish origin ?
  2. Blue Butterflies Senior Member

    Romania | Romanian
    Actually, you got it quite right, only we spell "sh" as "ş": duşman. :)

    It really means "enemy", but I suppose you could use it to mean "scoundrel" (we have more suitable words for that though).

    The dictionary says you're right, it comes from the Turkish düşman. I never knew that, thanks :D
  3. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    Yeah, enemy is the original meaning, but I guess Romanian must also have another word for enemy.
    I think (?) you could not use duşman in a phrase like "in the past, the French and the Germans were enemies" ...
    My grand-mother used to call me that (quite a few years ago) when I had done something wrong (like duşman , get out of here , plac de aic ... I only remember that aurally) .;)
  4. OldAvatar Senior Member

    I know the dictionary says that it is of Turkish origin, but it is more of Turkic, probably Cuman origin. Duşman in hindi, for example, means the same thing, as far as I know.
    If you don't like the word, you can use inamic (enemy). They are perfect synonyms
  5. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    So, if there are perfect synonyms (but do "perfect" synonyms really exist ?) you could use duşman in the phrase I cited above ?
    For Duşman in Hindi, it is interesting, ex nihilo I would think it entered Hindi via Urdu, which has many words of Turkish/Turkic origin (it's very name Urdu, giving hord in English, originally something like camp, army camp in Turkish).
  6. OldAvatar Senior Member

    Inamic is a neologism. At the time of re-latinization, it was introduced in the language with no other purpose than the one of replacing duşman.
  7. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    Interesting too. If Romanian has amic , then it should have inamic , which, then, might sound a bit different than enemy ... But that's another story.
    Something with hostis/hostile could have also worked ... But then again, there is also ostil .

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