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Discussion in 'Nederlands (Dutch)' started by Chazzwozzer, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Chazzwozzer

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    While we were talking about time passing so quickly that we can't get things done on time, my Dutch friend used this word, jammer.

    Is jammer a little bit cynical? How do you exactly pronounce it? Are there any synonymous words?

  2. Abu Bishr Senior Member

    Afrikaans, South Africa
    In Afrikaans it means something like "Sorry" (while feeling a little dejected at the same time) and is pronounced like "yummer" in English with the "r" obviously more accentuated.
  3. Frank06

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    Nederlands / Dutch (Belgium)
    As such, the word 'jammer' isn't necessarily cynical (the same way as English '(it's a) pity'). It can be used in a cynical way, but that depends on the context, the intonation, the timing, the facial expresion etc. of the speaker.

    In this context, the words 'spijtig' and 'helaas' can be used.


  4. sanspacey Senior Member

    Brazil Portuguese
    it's like "shame" an expression of regret.
  5. Hummermeister Banned

    German - Germany
    It might be as our word in German "Jammer", "jämmerlich", "Gejammer"(Geheul) etc.

    "Dat/Dit is jammer!" = Das ist zu bejammern, das ist schade
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  6. Red Arrow :D

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    Dutch - Belgium
    It would be written "yamer" in Turkish, except that the letter 'e' is reduced to a schwa like in the English words oven, mountain, London, etc.

    IPA /jɑmər/
  7. Hummermeister Banned

    German - Germany
    I have studied also in Germany a bit Turkish language, and I think you mean "yagmur" = rain, yes? Maybe I have wrong understood.

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