Dutch: Why on Earth

Can somebody tell me a Dutch equivalent for this intensifier? Like in the sentences: why on earth..., how on earth..., what on earth....

Also it would be lovely to have a link to some good online dictionary which would provide phrases, idioms and basic expressions in addition to just one-word translations.
  • ALOV

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    the only equivalent I can imagine is 'in godsnaam' or 'in hemelsnaam' (in God's name, in Heaven's name).

    p.ex. How on earth is this possible? > Hoe is dit in godsnaam mogelijk?

    To me these expressions sound a bit weird/old, in spoken language it's more commun to use a swear word in that case...


    законодательница мод
    German normally uses "nur", "bloß" oder "auf in aller Welt". Are there similar expressions in Dutch?


    Belgium- du, fr, eng, sp
    You can also say:

    'Hoe is dit toch mogelijk?!'
    'Hoe is dat nu mogelijk?!'

    in order to stress you're surprised something happened that way.