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Could You help me with the sentence below? I am not sure if the use of "dwell upon" is clear and correct in this sentence.

"The phenomenon unravels the mystery of the America, or rather its creation's that the protagonist dwells upon in subway underground after seeing Clifton shot."
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    The sentence is ungrammatical, and its meaning is unclear. Please give us the source and author, as well as the context. What is "the phenomenon"? Who are the protagonist and Clifton?


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    Hello lepusss.

    Your use of "dwells upon" may be correct, but I am not entirely certain I understand your sentence. Do you mean that the protagonist dwells upon America's creation?

    (I think you want "in the subway". I am not certain why you have the possessive (apostrophe s) creation's where I would expect 'creation'.)

    Am I correct in assuming that this is a sentence you are writing? If it isn't, we need to know the source, as Parla says.
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