Dying ball (Tennis)


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Hi, there was a discussion in the German forum about the phrase "sterbender Ball" (which is extremely seldom in German, I only found it in the question of the forum) which seems to be a translation of "dying ball".

My question is what is a "dying ball" in English, related to tennis or table tennis?

Basically we want to help the original poster.
  • Gwan

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    I'm not an expert on tennis, but I think it's a ball that's losing energy quickly rather than bouncing up strongly when it hits the court. This quote from a biography of Roger Federer might help: "He can undercut a backhand in such a way that as to [sic] create a difficult-to-play dying ball that hardly bounces and spins out of bounds so that the opponent can at best only helplessly shovel the ball over the net..."

    George French

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    A ball that dies/slows does not bounce as much normal. A dying ball is more difficult to return over the net.. (or round the net).

    The players put top/backspin or slice on the ball to change the way the ball bounces... (and curves left and right or dips in the air..)


    This applies to many ball games....
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