Dynastic wealth


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Is that correct to understand Dynastic here as wealth that belongs for example to one dynasty?

Over time, this wealth will continue to grow even further – without these folks lifting a finger. This concentration of wealth will soon resemble the kind of dynasties common to European aristocracies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Dynastic wealth puts economic power into the hands of a relatively small number of people who make decisions about where and how to invest most of the nation’s capital...
Source: Article by Robert Reich "Why We Need a Wealth Tax"
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    It's not a specific, technical meaning of dynasty. It's a more general idea. He's saying the wealth is not earned by each person that has it. It's passed from generation to generation. That has different implications than someone earning that wealth through something useful they did. He's not specifically saying he thinks it's unfair to have that much wealth* but he thinks it's unfair to inherit that much wealth.

    * He might think that, too, but that's not the point he's making here.
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