dysautonomia [common terminology]

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    Well you could describe it as "problems with my autonomic nervous system." The trouble is that most people probably have no idea what the ANS is.

    You could generalise to a "neurological disorder" or "neurological problem" and list a few symptoms.


    Some phrases that might help

    "I have dysautonomia. It's a disorder of the nervous system
    "I have dysautonomia. That means that some automatic parts of my nervous system are affected."

    Or perhaps the simplest

    "I have a problem with my nervous system. It can cause <abnormal heartrate/fainting/tiredness etc.>.
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    There are many other kinds of dysautonomia besides familial dysautonomia, so using Riley-Day as a synonym for unspecified dysautonomia is incorrect. There is no common term in English. You will have to explain your problem, unfortunately. I would advise you to describe your symptoms, because if you say "nervous system problems" people are likely to think you are describing a psychiatric problem.