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    G’Day !

    The term “dysfunctional” may have either a non-medical or a medical - psychological connotation

    I would appreciate suggestions for a Hebrew rendering of this term, please.

    I also wondered, whether the adjective “ אי-תפקודי “ could be considered to be an acceptable rendering

    Thank you
  2. arielipi Senior Member

    Not for that (i-tifkudi).
    My suggestions: לא מתפקד, לא כשיר
  3. origumi Senior Member

    Note that dysfunctional is not disfunctional.
  4. airelibre

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    Just a thought, dysfunctional doesn't mean not working, but working in the wrong way. It's fairly similar but may affect the translation. Non-functional might be used for the first meaning.
  5. Tararam Senior Member

    How about "לקוי-תפקוד"?
    "בעל תפקוד לקוי" is another option.
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  7. airelibre

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    I don't know what exactly either of you two are implying, but disfunctional is not a word, it is a misspelling of dysfunctional.
    From WordReference.com on Dysfunction vs. Disfunction:
    dys- is a Greek prefix meaning "bad", "abnormal", "difficult", or "impaired".
    dis- is a Latin prefix with none of the above meanings.
    dys- has the right meaning, but function is a Latin word. Hence the confusion.​
    Latin dis- can mean "lack of", "not", "opposite of", "away from".This all explains why something dys-functional has a bad or abnormal function, rather than a lack of function that dis-functional implies.


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