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    Hi, everyone
    Please tell me what ''E.A.'' stands for in the following context, taken from ''A Hoosier Quixote'' (biography of Paxton Hibben) in "1919'' by Dos Passos:

    Commd 1st lieut F.A. Nov 27-1917; capt May 31-1919; served at war coll camp Grant; in France with 332nd E.A.; Finance Bureau S.O.S.; at G.H.Q. in office of Insp Gen of A.E.F.; disscharged Aug. 21-1919; capt O.R.C. Feb 7th 1920; recommd Feb 7-1925
  2. Pie Crust

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    England English
    A search on google has shown 'Ecole de l'Armée", but I doubt if this is correct. I also think I shouldn't be posting French words in the English Only forum. :(
  3. kahroba Senior Member

    Hi, Pie Crust
    Thanks, but I'm afraid most of the abreviations in above passage are pure English words; for example: F.A.: Field Artillery; A.E.F.: American Expeditionary Forces; and O.R.C: Officers Reserve Corps; (thanks to bibliolept)
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    UK English (& rusty French…)
    Expeditionary Army? Although it is usually referred as WW1 "British Expeditionary Force" or AEF (American Exp Force).
    You are asking for help with research, rather for help with a translation :eek:
  5. kahroba Senior Member

    Hi, Tea Frog
    1) thanks for your help
    2) Is there a problem? FYI, I've done my research but could not find a satisfactory answer. I'd like to know if I'm doing something against WR rules.

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