E-mail phishing scam

Discussion in 'Computers/IT/Informática' started by Pitty, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Pitty New Member

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Hi all. Could somebody help me?. I am trying to translate the phrase "e-mail phishing scam" in the context of "your information was accessed by an outside user who initiated an email phishing scam that resulted in access to your information". How would you translate "e-mail phishing scam" in spanish?

    I hope someone could help with this I'm not technologically well-versed.

    Thanks a lot
  2. SolAguila

    SolAguila Senior Member

    Puedes dejarlo como phishing or suplantación de identidad... pero se entiende phishing.
  3. Pitty New Member

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Gracias SolAguila, suplantacion de identidad me parece que es mas facil de entender.... buena idea (no se me hubiera ocurrido) :)

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