"e" (non-lexical filler)

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  1. turkjey5 Senior Member

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    What function does "e" serve in the following sentences? My text says it marks a predicate following a subject.

    Biro mo ba naman e si Mayor ang kinuhang ninong.
    Biro mo ba naman kinuhang ninong e si Mayor.
  2. DotterKat Moderator

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    It is simply a non-lexical filler. In both instances, the "e" simply introduces a pause in the flow of the speech. This pause can provide emphasis to what comes next or can give the speaker a brief period to gather his thoughts. In any case, the "e" can be dropped completely from the sentences and the meaning will remain intact.
  3. mataripis

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    I think the e in your given samples might be also the "ay". 1.) Biro/kuruin mo ba naman ay si Meyor ang ginawang ninong!/ Biro mo ba naman ang kinuhang ninong ay si Meyor!
  4. turkjey5 Senior Member

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    Yes, it's supposed to be short for "ay".
  5. DotterKat Moderator

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    "Ay" is an inversion marker. If you want to use it correctly in your text, it would be in a manner similar to this:

    Though your original text is completely understandable, it would appear more polished if you drop the non-lexical filler "e". It would be similar to speaking English without uttering fillers such as eh, ah, uh, ​etc.
  6. latchiloya Member

    At the current phase of our National Language, I wanna say, it has a grammatical function

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