e puru nu postu cu facimu l’amore


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can someone help me translate this sentence
''e puru nu postu cu facimu l’amore''
I couldn't find any of these words in the italian dictionary with the exemption of l'amore= love
I extract this sentence from the song
Domani Artisti uniti per l' Abruzzo
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    You couldn't find anything because it is a dialect (I don't know which one) and apparently in Italian it means:

    e pure un posto per fare l'amore (and a place as well to make love).
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    Reading through the link you posted about the song lyrics, it seems like that line has been written by a band called Sud Sound System, which is relatively famous in Italy, and very often sings in the dialect of the region they are from, the Salento (in Puglia). So it might be Salento dialect.
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